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About me

Travelling the world is one of my biggest dreams! I have been talking about it with many friends an families already. I would to book a flight to somewhere in the world with just my backpack. Exploring new cultures, meeting new people and helping the community as much as possible.

I have visited a few beautiful country the last few year in between my studies and work. My study in South Africa for 6 months was the beginning of my travel fever. Since South Africa I have visited several countries: short trips to Brazil, Las Vegas, Turkey, France, Austria, Swiss, Paris, etc and backpack trips of several months through Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam, Tanzania, Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore and South Afrika. I hope to visit in 2019 Schotland, Sri Lanka, Austria and Marrakech at least.

But who am I? I’m 30 years old, love to play tennis and nice food. I’m living in the centre of the Netherlands near Utrecht where I combine my working life with exploring nature and sports (tennis, yoga and crossfit). I hope you will follow my adventures.

Countries I have visited

Andorra, America, Austria Belgium, Brasil, Borneo, Bulgary, Cambodia, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Great-Brittain, Greece (Kos, Samos), Italy, Kroatia, Laos, Lesotho, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Schotland, Singapore, Spain, South-Africa, Sweden, Switserland, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam.

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